Skydiving is an experience unlike any other. The thrill of free falling thousands of feet is a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life. Experience that adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for as you step out into thin air and freefall hitting speeds of up to 120 MPH !!! Then take in the Monte Conero sights while enjoying an amazing 5÷7 minute canopy flight in your descent.

FlyZone contracts the finest Tandem Instructors in the sector: they have several thousands of skydives of experience. Each one is held to the highest standards above and beyond what is required. Be confident that you will be skydiving with the best. Our Instructors not only give you the thrill of your life, but they also introduce you to learn how to skydive. Your Tandem Instructor will give you the opportunity to open the parachute and steer the canopy to the ground.
Our goal is after you make your heart-racing first jump, you’ll want to become a skydiver too! Your Instructor will shot a series of “selfies” and a video during freefall and under canopy. We’ll deliver files via internet or on your SD card. Just bring with you sport shoes, we’ll give you suit, gloves and googles before the jump. 2nd Tandem Reminder: If purchased within 1 week of your 1st skydive, your 2nd skydive is -30€ rebate.

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Price lists for Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydive

€ 197 Selfie
    • Book two full day in advance
    • Deposit € 20,00
    • Video Selfie
    • Photos Selfie

Tandem Skydive

from € 197 Gift Voucher
    • No reservation / Open date
    • Advance Deposit
    • Media Service as requested
Sport Club Membership fees are included in the deposit. Tandem jump (and its related costs) is an istitutional activity to promote the sport of skydiving as a first step towards the course. The price is for one person
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